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Immigrants Use “Key Words” to Cross Border

Immigrant key word borderA loophole is helping floods of new immigrants seeking asylum cross the Mexican border and enter into the United States. Immigrants are now using phrases like “credible fear” of repercussions from Mexican drug cartels to enter.

Mexicans who seek to enter the U.S. to live and work can now buy videos that teach them how to seek asylum. These videos include phrases they need to say in order to gain entry . This is currently allowing hundreds of immigrants to enter into the U.S. from Mexico.

Christoper Bentley, of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), confirmed that immigrants can gain asylum in America by pleading “credible fear.” Citizens of foreign countries who assert fear of torture or persecution will be referred to USCIS asylum officers.  After an interview and after making sure that they are eligible for such status in the country, these officers may grant them asylum.

In the last week, according to the Washington Times, around 200 people attempted to enter the U.S. claiming there was a credible fear of drug cartels in Mexico.

Mexicans who have tried to enter into the country have explained to border patrol agents that they have been told to use certain words to gain entry into America. Mexicans have also explained to border patrol agents that drug cartels are ripping their country apart.

The Associated Press states that the U.S. has received an influx of asylum requests this year. Border officials say they’ve had more than 19,119 requests between January and May of this year. By years end, 28,600 more are expected.

In all of 2009, there were only 5,369 requests reported.



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