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Immigration Bill Would Create Almost 6 Million Jobs

Immigration Bill Would Create Jobs

Immigration reform is now the hot topic at town hall meetings. Immigration activists are trying to convince their lawmakers and urging them to pass immigration reform. They say that this reform will benefit the whole country and not only the undocumented immigrants.

According to the American Action Network, the immigration bill of the Gang of Eight, if passed, would create as much as 13,992 new jobs in every congressional district, over the next decade.

Immigration activists are distributing this report to the members of the Democratic and the Republican parties. At the same time, supporters of immigration reform are urging the Republicans to pass the Senate bill that would help the country’s undocumented immigrants become US citizens.

The American Action Network collected this information by making use of the Regional Economic Models, Inc’s study, and the Congressional Budget Office’s report. Congressional Budget Office’s report shows that the Senate bill would boost the economy of America.

However, opponents of immigration reform are against these reports and they say that the Senate bill would not create jobs in the country. Republican Jeff Sessions from Alabama, stated that the country does not have a shortage of workers but a shortage of jobs.

He is against the bill that has been passed by the Senate. He believes that jobs would go to the immigrants who come to America on work visas, and that the Americans would lose their jobs if that bill is passed. He also believes that the immigrants are stealing the jobs of the native Americans.

According to the report of the American Action Network, the Senate immigration reform bill would create more than 6 million new jobs, over the next ten years. Another report similar to that of the American Action Network, predicted that the Senate bill would create more than 3 million new jobs in the country, over the coming decade.

Though the results are different, it is evident that immigration reform would add to the economy of the country and that the Senate bill would create new jobs. This bill would benefit the American and foreign workers. Likewise, it would create jobs for both Americans and immigrants.

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