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Immigration Fact of the Week (Dec 28 – Jan 3)

Do Infants Need Visas to enter the US?Do infants need visas to travel temporarily to the U.S.?


Everyone who wishes to visit the U.S. must obtain a U.S. visa. This includes infants and children under age 18. Your child cannot travel with you to the U.S. on your non-immigrant visa, even if your child is an infant. Your child will not be allowed to even board the plane, without a valid nonimmigrant U.S. visa and a passport.

When you apply for a nonimmigrant visa for yourself, you will have to file visa applications for your children below age 18, who will be traveling with you. You will have to accompany your children below age 18 for their non-immigrant visa interviews.

Children below age 14 are generally not required to appear for non-immigrant visa interviews. In certain cases, overseas consular officers may want the children to attend interviews. If you are your child’s biological parent wishing to take your child to the U.S., it is your responsibility to make an appointment for a non-immigrant visa interview for your child, if an interview is needed.

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