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Immigration Fact of the Week (Feb 1 – 7)

What is the difference between a visa and asylum?

Difference between a U.S. visa and asylumVisas are for those coming to the U.S. for a specific purpose like tourism, education, business, etc. U.S. visas will let the holders stay here for a limited time period after which they will have to return to their home countries.

Asylum, on the other hand is a status granted to a citizen of another country who seeks entry into the U.S. due to reasons like fear of persecution, hostile rule or economic hardship suffered in their home country. Those who are granted asylum in the U.S. can stay here for life along with their husband or wife and children below age 21, if they were also listed on their application for asylum. Asylees can apply for Green Cards after living here as asylees for a year and for citizenship later on.

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