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Immigration Fact of the Week (Nov 16 – 22)

What if I fail the citizenship test?What if I fail the citizenship test?

You will be allowed to retake the test!

The U.S. citizenship test is a combination of the English language and Civics tests. It is mandatory for the U.S. citizenship applicants to appear for and get through these tests, to become citizens of the U.S. However, some applicants are granted exemptions to the U.S. citizenship test.

Once your application for naturalization is approved and after you submit your biometrics, you will be notified of your naturalization interview. An immigration officer will conduct this interview. The Civics test will be an oral test while the English test will include oral and written tests. This test will help the interviewer determine your understanding of the country’s history and how well you know the English language.

If you fail either of the tests or both the tests, you will be allowed to retake them. A second appointment will be scheduled within 60 – 90 days from the date of your initial interview during which you can retake the tests you failed. Remember, this will be your last chance to take the naturalization test. If you fail the second time in either of the tests, your naturalization application will be denied. In this case, you will have to apply for naturalization again and go through all the steps again.

To avoid such circumstances you can check out the available resources and prepare well for your U.S. citizenship test!

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