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Immigration Fact of the Week (October 31 – November 6)

How to check U.S. immigration application status?How to check U.S. immigration application case status?

By using “USCIS My Case Status.”

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) lets applicants check the status of their immigration and naturalization applications online. Applicants can find a 13-character application receipt number on the application notice that the USCIS sends them after receiving their applications. This is the number that they need to use to check the status of their cases online.

USCIS uses these numbers to track cases. These receipt numbers contain three letters and 10 digits. While checking the status of their cases online, applicants will have to enter these numbers without spaces and hyphens (-). USCIS offers this service in English and Spanish.

USCIS also lets applicants create a “myUSCIS” account through which they can get updates on their cases. Applicants can either choose to get updates through email or on their mobile phones.

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