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Immigration Mistakes that the US Employers Make

US immigration laws allow foreign nationals to work temporarily in America for a certain period of time. However, the US employers will be allowed to hire foreign workers only if they are eligible to employ foreign nationals and the foreign nationals must meet few prerequisites, in order to work in America. But the US employers tend to make few mistakes while hiring foreign nationals and many US employers hire foreign nationals who are ineligible to work in the United States.

Few US businesses hire undocumented immigrants who are not authorized to work in America and many are found to involve in visa fraud. They also do not abide by the US immigration laws and fail to understand that the immigration requirements differ from state to state. Form I-9 violations are common among US employers and many fail to fill out Form I-9, while hiring workers.

Moreover, the US employers will have to check whether the foreign national is eligible to work in America, using e-verify, before hiring the foreign worker. But many do not follow the e-verify procedures and illegally employ workers who are not eligible to work in the country. H-1B violations are more common and the US companies that hire foreign workers demand the foreign workers to pay the H-1B filing fees and they also fail to properly pay the H-1B visa holders. Moreover, they do not inform the USCIS about the termination of the H-1B workers.

US employers are also not aware of the No-Match letters, that they receive from the Social Security Administration and many who are unaware of these letters tend to take adverse actions against the employers. Employers who receive SSA No Match letters must first check their records and inform the SSA about the errors and corrections, if any. Before taking adverse actions against the employees based on the SSA letters, the employer must check the records and give the employees time to resolve the situation. Hence, the US employers who hire foreign workers must avoid mistakes and make sure that they follow the US immigration laws while hiring foreign workers.

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