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Immigration Reform Bill Would Help Undocumented Farm Workers

Immigration Reform Bill Would Help Undocumented Farm WorkersThe Senate immigration reform bill would help the undocumented farm workers and most of the undocumented immigrants living in the country, to obtain legal status. Around 53 percent of the farm workers in America are undocumented and the bill would help most of them to obtain legal status and work legally in the country. Undocumented farm workers, if granted legal status would settle in America and invest in their family’s future. Most of the undocumented immigrants in America say that their lives would be changed if the country’s immigration laws are reformed and if they are permitted to enter the legalization process. Moreover, immigration reform would help them to achieve their American dream. Similarly, undocumented workers would be able to find better jobs and remain in the country with their families.

S.744, the Senate immigration reform bill, would permit the country’s undocumented immigrants to apply for US citizenship. Nevertheless, to take part in the legalization process, undocumented farm workers must establish that they have been working in the agricultural industry for the past five years. Agricultural workers could get their Green Cards after five years and they need not wait for ten years to become permanent residents. The Senate bill would also create a guest worker program meant for agricultural workers and this program would help the US farmers to hire foreign workers.

However, farmers in America are now unable to fill the vacant positions as the US Congress has not yet passed the immigration reform bill. Most of the farmers are pushing for immigration reform as they do not have enough workers to harvest crops. The Senate immigration reform bill aims at legalizing the undocumented immigrants who are already living in the country. Likewise, the bill would clear the backlogs of foreign nationals who are waiting to immigrate to the United States. Farmers in America now hire undocumented workers as they are unable to find suitable legal workers and most of the Americans are not willing to take up agricultural jobs. The Senate bill that would legalize the undocumented farm workers and permit the farmers to bring workers legally to the United States, would help the US farmers to have legal workers. This would also help the undocumented workers to settle in the country and to improve their lives.

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