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Immigration Reform Would Bring Workers Out of the Shadows

Labor Day and Immigration Reform

Labor day is the time to celebrate the people who work in America and the ones who wish to work but are unable to find jobs. This day belongs to the working men and women of the United States. Likewise, people who work in the shadows and who are not granted access to the rights they deserve also must be remembered.

There are more than 11 million such individuals who are currently living in the country and working in the shadows. They are the ones who are out of status and undocumented. They attend schools and work in the country. They dream of a better life but they still live in the country in the shadows with the fear of deportation. As they are undocumented, they are being abused by the employers and are being paid less. These immigrants are struggling to become a part of the United States.

The country’s immigration system that is broken needs to be fixed. People on this Labor Day are calling for immigration reform. They believe that immigration reform would protect the rights of all the workers in the United States, including US citizens and immigrants.

Several supporters of immigration reform are rallying against deportations and are urging the members of the Republican party to pass immigration reform. The immigration reform legislation, that was introduced by the Gang of Eight, made its way through the Senate with a solid bipartisan vote. This bill would boost the country’s economy, protect the rights of all the workers, put the undocumented immigrants on a path to US citizenship, and stiffen border security.

The US Congressional Budget Office’s report shows that the reform bill that the Senate has passed would reduce the budget deficit and modernize the immigration system of the United States. This report also shows that this bill’s earned path to US citizenship would create several new jobs in the country.

Several Republicans are against this bill that includes a pathway to US citizenship. They say that the men and women who broke the country’s immigration laws do not deserve citizenship. An immigration reform bill with a path to US citizenship and with strong worker protections would boost the country’s economy. Therefore a bill that would benefit the country as a whole must be passed by the US Congress.


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