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Is Immigration Good for the United States?

Immigration is Good to the United States“Is Immigration Good to the United States?”, this question has always been in the minds of the native Americans and immigration is always the hottest political and social issue, in the United States. Though this issue is viewed by different people from different perspectives, immigration is found to be beneficial to the United States.

People from different parts of the world head to the United States, seeking better lives and such people diversify the culture and population of the country and this is considered to be a positive aspect. Foreign students who study in America are skilled in maths, science and engineering fields and the United States is in short of such skills. Such students are innovative and if these high skilled immigrants are allowed to work in America, they will help the companies to create new products.

Similarly, most of the immigrants are self-employed and they start their own businesses in America. Furthermore, their businesses are attractive and their businesses also attract international investors. Such immigrants who start businesses and who are employed in US companies, in due course of time, pay their taxes and start contributing to the economy of the country. Similarly, many engineering companies in America, have at least one foreign born key founder. Nevertheless, immigration is good to the United States, because immigrants contribute to the entrepreneurship of America and they are innovative.

Immigration is also beneficial to the economy of the country. Most of the US companies are in short of low skilled workers and most Americans are not willing to work in low paying jobs and so the US employers hire low skilled immigrants who are willing to work in low paying jobs and this provides cheap labor. Immigrants take up jobs that the native Americans do not want to do and many US employers seek to hire immigrants as they are unable to find Americans who are suitable for the vacant positions. Likewise, various reports also state that the immigrants pay more taxes and consume less in social services. They pay state and federal taxes and Social Security but they are unable to reclaim the money as they are not US citizens. All these show that immigration is good to the United States.

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