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Judiciary Committee Adopted W Visa and E-Verify Amendments

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday continued to debate on Title IV of the Senate immigration reform bill and then moved to Title III. The committee considered 26 amendments and adopted 16 amendments that would strengthen the country’s economy and spur entrepreneurship. Amendments filed by Chairman Patrick Leahy and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, that were adopted would strengthen the EB-5 Regional Center Program. Their amendments would also improve the INVEST visa program, that is meant for foreign entrepreneurs and the amendment filed by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse would help immigrant entrepreneurs.

Likewise, the approved amendments would improve E-Verify provisions in the Senate immigration reform bill and help the business owners to comply with the new regulations that the immigration reform bill would create. The accuracy of the E-Verify program would be enhanced and people would be provided privacy notifications. The new amendments would strengthen the E-Verify program. Few other amendments that were adopted yesterday would put an end to identity theft and programs that would permit parents to lock the social security numbers of their children within the E-Verify system and limit the use of their numbers would be created. Moreover, the amendment filed by Senator Chris Coons would develop a protocol that would let the employees know when they are being checked through the E-Verify system.

The Committee adopted Senator Leahy’s amendment that would improve the EB-5 visa program. Senator Schumer’s amendment that would modify the W non-immigrant visa program, was also adopted by the Senate Committee. Most of the amendments that were considered on Thursday dealt with employment. The Senate Judiciary Committee would consider amendments about H-1B visas on Monday. Once the committee finishes its work on Title III and Title IV, it will move to Title II. Title II is the centerpiece of the immigration reform bill that would legalize undocumented immigrants. The Judiciary Committee is looking forward to finish its work before 27th May, 2013. At the same time, 8 members from the House of Representatives, are working on their own immigration reform bill and they will soon come up with a legislation.

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