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New Format of Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

USCIS Form I-140, is an employment based immigrant visa petition that must be filed by a US employer who looks forward to hire a citizen of a foreign country. If you are a foreign national, you may become a Green Card holder in the United States, if an employer in the United States offers you a full time permanent job and sponsors you for a US Green Card. In such cases, the sponsoring US employer must file Form I-140, for you.

USCIS has now published a new version of Form I-140 and has made few changes to the form. Currently, you will have to print this form and complete it by hand or type. But now USCIS has added new features so that you can complete the form and then print it. This will make your work easier as you can just download the form to your computer, complete it and then print it. You can then sign and mail the form along with the exact form filing fees to the right filing address. However, you may choose to file the online version of the form if you are eligible to e-file Form I-140.

Remember that the USCIS will accept the older version of the form dated 6th January, 2010, until 30th December, 2012. After December 30, USCIS will accept only the latest version of the form dated 1st October, 2012. Whenever you file USCIS forms to receive immigration benefits, you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the forms. That is because USCIS updates the forms quite often and outdated forms may not be accepted.

USCIS has only added Adobe fillable format features to Form I-140 and it has not made any other changes. The form filing fees $580, remains the same and there are no changes in the form pages. However, you need to go through the form instructions before completing the form. Similarly, you will have to check your form twice, before you mail it. If the form instructions, instruct you to submit supporting documents, you need to mail the form along with the required documents and the form filing fees.

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