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Organizations Receive Grants on Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

USCIS announced on the Constitution and Citizenship Day, that 31 immigrant-serving organizations that provide citizenship preparation services for the Green Card holders, will receive federal funding. $5 million will be granted by the USCIS, approximately, in order to boost up these organizations that prepare immigrants for US citizenship. All these organizations belong to 21 American states and the District of Columbia. USCIS has already helped more than 38,000 Green Card holders to prepare for US citizenship. USCIS, now looks forward to help more than 26,000 permanent residents to prepare for US citizenship, by September 30, 2014, as a result of the FY 2012 grants program.

USCIS Director says that through the grant program, USCIS will support permanent residents who seek to become US citizens. Through the high-quality services offered by the grants receiving organizations, lots of permanent residents will be able to achieve their goals and become citizens of the country. USCIS has already awarded $18.3 million over the past three years to immigrant-serving organizations. The organizations that receive grants this year will offer citizenship instruction to the permanent residents and will help them to prepare for both, the English and the civics parts of the naturalization test. Those organizations will also help permanent residents through the naturalization application process. The grants offered to the organizations are valid for a two-year period.

This grant program is supported by the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center, which provides resources related to naturalization. This resource center provides resources for learners as well as teachers. Along with that the Citizenship Public Education and Awareness Initiative, has been designed to promote awareness among the 8.5 million Green Card holders about the rights, duties and the value of US citizenship. FY 2012 grant recipients are public and private noncommercial organizations, including libraries, public school systems, community groups, faith-based groups and literacy administrations. All these organizations are diverse and are from 21 American states and the District of Columbia. These organizations are planning to provide instruction about US citizenship and services related to the naturalization applications, to about 10,000 permanent residents from 50 different countries around the world.

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