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Participate in the 57th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

America is now preparing for the 57th swearing-in ceremony, where the President-elect and the Vice President-elect, will swear-in. This inauguration ceremony will take place in Washington DC, on January 21, 2013 and as January 20, is a Sunday. The inauguration ceremony includes, the swearing-in ceremony, inaugural address by the President, inaugural parade and inaugural balls and the President and the Vice President, will both take the oath after a morning service. Every Presidential Inauguration Ceremony has a theme and the theme for the 2013 Inauguration is, “Faith in America’s Future”.

You can also take part in the swearing-in ceremony and to participate, you need to get the inaugural swearing-in tickets from your representatives or senators. Remember that the tickets will be available, one week ahead of the ceremony, in January and you may not be able to obtain tickets from other private agencies or websites and you can get your tickets only from the members of the US Senate and House of Representatives. Do not pay anyone for the tickets as these tickets are free. If you do not want to get tickets and take part in the ceremony, you may watch the inauguration from the National Mall.

A Presidential Inauguration Parade will take place, followed by the swearing-in ceremony and the inaugural luncheon. The Presidential Inauguration Committee will select the parade participants and the others who wish to participate in the parade, may apply online. The Inaugural Committee also organizes official balls, to honor the President and the Vice President. You can attend the official balls with the tickets and you may also attend unofficial balls, organized by some other organizations. US Congress has also launched a Facebook page and a website, with information about the inauguration ceremony and you may check the website for more information about the ceremony.

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