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Prepare Yourself for the Election Day – November 6, 2012

As November 6th is fast approaching, it is mandatory to prepare yourself for the election day. You need to be aware of the ballot procedures as the procedures differ from state to state. You will have to confirm your polling location and you can check your state’s election website to know about the location and the timing. There are a few American states that allow the US citizens to vote early. If your state permits the people to vote early, you may get in touch with your state election office to know about the assigned voting booth.

Similarly, the local election offices will provide you information about the voting equipments and you may contact those offices if you want to know about the equipments. Similarly, you need to take with you, your voter ID, to the polling location, to prove that you are a US citizen and that you are eligible to vote. The voter ID rules for all the American states are not the same and you can get to know about the voter ID rules by checking the state election website.

You may take with you to the polling location, one of the below mentioned identification documents as a proof of US citizenship and to prove that you are eligible to vote.

・    A photo identification document granted to you by the federal government.
・    US Driver’s license issued by the state.
・    Your US passport.
・    Your military ID if you are in active duty or if you were honorably discharged.
・    Your debit card or credit card with photograph.

If your name is not found on the voter enrollment record, you may be permitted to cast a provisional vote. This can be done, if you do not have your ID and this vote may be counted after the election, if the election officers find that you are eligible to vote. Similarly, you will have to research the candidates and know about them before you go to the polling place and you must be aware of the voting options.

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