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President Obama Pushes for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

President Obama is now urging the lawmakers to deliver an immigration reform bill to his desk by the end of 2013. One such comprehensive reform bill was passed by the US Senate in June and it is yet to be passed by the House that is controlled by the Republicans. Republicans are not willing to negotiate with the President and they believe that he is not trustworthy. However, the Republican party is divided on the immigration reform issue.

Business groups headed by the US Chamber of Commerce are urging the conservatives in the House who are against offering the undocumented immigrants a pathway to US citizenship, to pass a reform bill sooner. Business groups are also threatening to withdraw their financial support to the lawmakers who are seeking to kill immigration reform.

Immigration reform advocates are urging the lawmakers to pass a comprehensive bill and they are warning them that the Latino voters may not support them, if they fail to come to an agreement on immigration reform.

According to the White House, President Obama firmly believes that immigration reform will pass by the end of the year. He is pushing for immigration reform and urging the lawmakers to deliver a bill sooner.

Lawmakers and the people living in the country, including the US citizens and the Green Card holders are well aware of the fact that the country’s immigration system is broken and that it needs to be fixed. According to President Obama, an immigration system that is fair and that would strengthen our borders, must be created.

President Obama wants an immigration reform bill that would secure our borders, provide the undocumented immigrants a path to US citizenship, boost our economy and modernize the legal immigration system of the country.

Similar to the bill of the Senate, the Democrats in the House have also come up with a reform bill. It is now up to the members of the House to vote on an immigration reform bill and pass it. President Obama is looking forward to getting immigration reform done by the end of this year.

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