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President Obama Urged US Congress to Pass Immigration Bill

US Congress to Pass Immigration BillPresident Obama argued that the Senate immigration reform bill would improve America’s immigration system and urged the US Congress to pass the bill by this summer. He is confident about the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill and he stated that the bill has gone through a very long process but it will soon become a reality. Members of both, the Democratic and the Republican parties who were once against immigration reform are now coming out to support this bill of the Gang of Eight.

President Obama in his first term stated that he would pass immigration reform but he failed to do so. After his re-election, he stated that his top priority for his second term is immigration reform. Nevertheless, Hispanics in large numbers voted for President Obama and helped him to become the President of America for the second time. Hence, people believe that he will keep up his promise and pass comprehensive immigration reform. Many Hispanics have obtained US citizenship and their votes have now become important. President Obama is sure that the bill will pass by this summer. He stated that the bill will be strengthened and that it is likely to go through few more changes. He added that the Senate bill must be passed if we really need to fix the country’s broken immigration system.

The Senate began to vote on the bill and the bill is likely to pass in the Senate. This Senate bill would legalize the country’s unauthorized residents and grant the immigrants an opportunity to apply for US citizenship, if they are eligible. President Obama also spoke about border security and he stated that the bill includes stricter border security provisions. This bill would put in place a verification system that would require all the US employers to check the status of the employees, prior to hiring them and it would crack down on US businesses and companies that hire undocumented immigrants. He also stated that the pathway to US citizenship that the Gang of Eight’s bill would create would be an arduous one.

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