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President Obama will Soon Sign an Immigration Bill into Law

President Obama believes that the country can get immigration reform done sooner and he wants to sign an immigration reform bill into law, as soon as possible. He says that, if immigration reform is passed, the country will continue to be a nation of immigrants apart from being a nation of laws. The country can also attract high skilled and talented individuals from all around the world. According to him, if the country pushes for immigration reform and remains focused, the country can get immigration reform done sooner. Nevertheless, a deal on immigration is President Obama’s top priority.

The immigration reform bill may not only include a pathway to US citizenship for the undocumented immigrants but would also include a path to citizenship for the high skilled professionals from various foreign countries. Immigration reform, according to President Obama, is gaining support and will soon be passed. President Obama wants to reduce gun violence and he says that a strong gun control legislation will be passed. Though the implementation of such laws would be difficult, he says that this is the best chance to pass such laws. The Senate is planning to release its comprehensive immigration reform bill sooner and the House is also crafting an immigration reform bill. Though the bills are both different, both the bills contain pathways to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants. However, President Obama says that he will sign into law, the immigration reform bill that the Congress passes and that gun control measures will also be passed.

The bills that the House and the Senate are crafting, include pathways to citizenship for the undocumented immigrants in America. The Democrats want to make the immigration process easier for all categories of immigrants and legalize undocumented immigrants who are living in shadows. Some Republicans support such efforts. Nevertheless, only after the presidential election, the Republicans realized the power of the Latino vote and that is the reason why the Republican Party has started to rehabilitate its image among Hispanics and other minorities.

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