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President Obama’s Views on Immigration

President Obama looks forward to enact a comprehensive immigration reform and the White House says that the new immigration policy will strengthen the economy of the United States. According to President Obama, the US immigration laws must reunite the separated families. Similarly, the country must retain the foreign students who study in the American universities and keep their skills in the United States.

There are many undocumented immigrants in the United States who were brought to America as minors. Such innocent undocumented immigrants must not be deported and must be allowed to stay back in the United States and study there legally. White House also states that the farmers in America should be permitted to hire workers legally. Similarly, the expected immigration reform is likely to improve the process through which the US employers hire foreign workers.

President Obama supports the DREAM Act, that would grant conditional permanent resident status to undocumented immigrants who satisfy few eligibility requirements. He also proposed a law that would allow the undocumented spouses and children of US citizens in the United States, to apply for legal status, while in America.

White House states that the borders are secure and that the United States will prevent harmful people from entering into the country. Similarly, undocumented workers are being exploited as they are unable to work legally, in America. President Obama, states that the US employers must be prevented from hiring undocumented immigrants and he says that new laws that will allow the employers to hire workers lawfully, must be enacted.

President Obama does not want to deport the innocent undocumented immigrants and he wants to enact laws that would allow such undocumented immigrants to remain in America, if they do not have criminal records. At the same time, President Obama will focus on deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal backgrounds.

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