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Presidential Elections 2012 – You Can Vote by Absentee Ballot if You are Outside the United States

United States allows the citizens to vote even if they are outside the country. It is well known that you can vote in the Presidential elections this November, if you are a US citizen. If you are inside the country, you may vote by going to the polls. Many people who are eligible to vote but who are outside the country think that they cannot vote. But such US citizens need not worry, as they can vote by absentee ballot.

This absentee ballot will permit you to vote ahead of the elections. After you receive your blank ballot, you may complete it and mail your ballot to the local election officials. Through this, you can vote even if you are out of your legal voting residence. If you are a US citizen and if require an absentee ballot, you need to contact the local government election department and they will provide you the required information about absentee ballot. You may also contact the state or the territorial election office to learn about the absentee ballot.

You need to complete your ballot and mail it immediately so that it will reach the election officials before the deadline. It is wise to mail your ballot as soon as you complete it. You may send your ballot by local mail or you may also send it by email. You also have an option to drop off your voted ballot in the overseas US Embassy or Consulate. If you do not want to send your ballot through the local mail, you may send it through courier services such as DHL, UPS, etc.

If your ballot does not reach you in time, you may use the emergency Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot, to cast your vote. Remember that, you may use the absentee ballot only if you cannot make it to the polls or if you will be out of town on the election day. You may also use the absentee ballot if you are in active duty or if you are physically disabled. Recent reports state that around one-third of the overall voters are likely to vote by absentee ballots ahead of the election day, November 6, 2012. First Lady Michelle Obama has already mailed her ballot and President Obama is also likely to vote early.

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