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Requesting Assistance to Vote in the Presidential Election 2012

Polling places in most of the American states provide accommodations for voters with disabilities. Such accommodations will make the voting process more easier for all the voters. Most polling booths allot special parking places for disabled voters. Similarly, polling places have voting equipments that can be used even by visually impaired voters and other voters, with disabilities. US citizens with disabilities may contact the election offices to obtain information about accommodations and about the voting equipments.

Language Assistance

According to the Voting Rights Act, voting materials must be provided in other languages, apart from English, in some jurisdictions. Voting instructions and ballots will be made available in other languages and bilingual poll workers will assist people who speak other languages. Similarly, non-English speakers can also obtain online voting information in English and in other languages. To know more about language assistance, you may get in touch with the local election offices.

Remember that the US Election Assistance Commission, provides voting information in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Tagalog, Korean and in English. Similarly, voter registration forms are also available in these languages. Voters and the election officials can make use of these resources.

Assistance To Vote

US laws allow people with disabilities, who require assistance to vote, to bring with them their friends or family members, to the polling place. US citizens who are blind and people who are unable to read and write and who need help to cast their votes, may be assisted by the poll worker. If you feel that you need help to vote, you may contact the state election office for further information. Similarly, people who are voting for the first time and disabled voters, who do not know how to use the voting equipment, may ask the poll worker to help them to cast their votes.

Curbside Voting

Few American states offer curbside voting. If the voter is unable to leave his car, he can request the poll worker to bring the voting materials to his car. The poll worker will provide a ballot and the voter can cast his vote, while in his car. However, this option is not available in all the American states and you need to contact the local election office to know if curbside voting is available and if you are eligible.

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