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Research Political Candidates before you Vote

US citizens will voteIn the month of November, as American citizens we will be voting for our next president. It is mandatory to think before we vote and we must research the political candidates before we vote. Moreover, as a US citizen, you need to make sure that you are registered and you need to be aware of the voting options. You can choose to vote early and you can vote by requesting an absentee ballot if you may not be in town or if you cannot go to the polls on the election day. You can get to know about the ballot and about the candidates, by visiting the state election sites.

Visit the Candidate’s Website

You can get to know about the views and promises of the candidate’s by visiting their websites. You can also go through the voter guides to know about the candidates. Similarly, the League of Women Voters, has provided an online guide for voters and links to the websites of the political candidates and a sample ballot, are included in that online guide. There are many other organizations that provide voter guides and these organizations are likely to help you to know about the candidates and their views on various issues.

Research the Candidate’s Voting History

If a candidate is currently in office you can research what the candidate has done in the past and the recent news may not matter much as the candidate might do anything to win the votes. You can get to know about the candidate who served in the US Congress by checking and if the candidate had worked in a state office you can visit the state legislature’s website, to know about the candidate. Through this you can know about the past failures and successes of your candidate.

Vote on 6th November

Make sure that you vote on November 6th. You can choose to vote early, ahead of the election day if you feel that you may not be able to make it to the polls on November 6th. Similarly, encourage your family members and your friends to vote and participate in the civic life.

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