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Should Green Card Holders Learn English to Obtain US Citizenship?

Citizens of foreign countries who hold US Green Cards will have to complete the naturalization process, in order to obtain US citizenship. If you are one such individual who wishes to obtain US citizenship, you must first determine that you are eligible for US citizenship, through this legal process. People below age 18 cannot apply for naturalization and you must meet a few other prerequisites to file Form N-400 for US citizenship. Similarly, you need to demonstrate that you are proficient in English and you must also get through the English test which is a part of the naturalization process.

Certain categories of individuals may be granted waivers and Green Card holders above age 50, who have been residing in the country as lawful residents for 20 years and people above age 55 who have been living in America as Green Card holders for a 15 year period, may not be required to take the English test but the other applicants must take the English test. However, individuals with disabilities may also be granted waivers, if their disabilities prevent them from learning English. Hence, it is mandatory to learn English and to know about the history of the country.

If you are a non-English speaker and if you are not good in English, you need to learn English, to get through the English test and to obtain US citizenship and you can learn English by making use of the USCIS resources. Similarly, you can also check the “Pass the US Citizenship Test & Interview DVD” and this interactive study guide will help you to prepare for the English test and the civics test. You can also enroll in community colleges that offer free English courses. As it is mandatory to prove that you can speak English, you will have to prepare in advance for the English component of the US citizenship test. The immigration officer who interviews you, will speak to you and ask you questions in English and you will also be required to write sentences that the immigration officer dictates and read a few sentences in English. Only after you prove that you are proficient in America’s national language, you will be granted US citizenship.

Furthermore, the Immigration and Nationality Act, states that all the citizens of the United States must speak the national language of the country. Though it is not mandatory to be well versed in English, you must be able to understand and answer the questions, that the immigration officer asks you during the naturalization interview. Apart from this, there are few other requirements that must be met by a Green Card holder who seeks to obtain US citizenship. Green Card holders must not have criminal backgrounds and they must know about the US history and about the government of America and they must take the oath of Allegiance, to become citizens of the United States.

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