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South Carolina – The Palmetto State

South Carolina (SC) was granted statehood on May 23, 1788. It is the eighth American state. South Carolina was named in honor of Charles I – King of England. The name Carolina originates from the Latin word Carlous, the Latin word for Charles. Columbia, SC’s capital, was named for Christopher Columbus. Columbia is about a century older than the U.S.!

South Carolina

Following are few quick facts about South Carolina:

  • State capital – Columbia
  • State motto of South Carolina – Dum Spiro Spero, which means, “While I Breathe, I Hope.”
  • State song – Carolina, South Carolina on My Mind
  • Nick names – Palmetto State
  • State insect – Carolina Mantid
  • State flower – Yellow Jessamine
  • State bird – Carolina Wren
  • State fish – Striped Bass
  • State dog – Boykin Spaniel
  • State colors – Indigo Blue
  • State tree – Palmetto
  • State fruit – Peach

South Carolina, the 11th smallest state in the U.S., is shaped like a triangle. It has everything from wonderful sandy beaches to significant historic sites. South Carolina, being a very beautiful state, is well-known for its shoreline. It was known as the Iodine State before it was named as the Palmetto State.

Aerospace and aviation, automotive manufacturing, agriculture, biotechnology and life sciences, textile goods, transportation, dairy products, chemical products, paper products and tourism are among the major industries of South Carolina. SC is the only American state that grows tea.

The state welcomes a lot of tourists every year. Around 28.5 million people visit the state each year. Following are few exceptional South Carolina attractions for visitors from across the globe.

  • Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor (This is where the Civil War started.)
  • Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, Columbia
  • South Carolina Aquarium, Charleston
  • King’s Mountain National Military Park & State Parks, located on the border of North and South Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach, a coastal city in Horry County
  • Georgetown (Oldest City in South Carolina)
  • The South Carolina State Capital Building, Columbia
  • Spartanburg Art Museum, Spartanburg

Don’t forget to visit the above mentioned places if you are planning to visit South Carolina. If you are a resident of the state, let us know what you like and know about South Carolina in the comment section below or by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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