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Special Naturalization Ceremonies in Honor of President’s Day

Naturalization Ceremonies in Honor of President's DayThe birthday of George Washington is celebrated as Presidents’ Day in the United States and on this day, Americans honor Washington and recognize the history of the country’s presidency. America’s first president, George Washington, was born on February 22, 1732, and after his death, Americans started to celebrate his birthday in order to recognize his contributions. Similarly, after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, his birthday was celebrated by the Americans on February 12th. Later when Richard Nixon became the President of the country, he combined both these days into one and announced that the Presidents’ day will be commemorated on the third Monday of February, every year and hence, Presidents’ days will be celebrated on 18th February, this year.

In honor of Presidents’ day, USCIS has developed a page on USCIS.GOV, that contains information about the history of the American Presidency and information about few other leaders. Moreover, USCIS commemorates Presidents’ day by conducting special naturalization ceremonies and by welcoming new US citizens and the USCIS has planned to conduct more than 10 special naturalization ceremonies. The first special naturalization ceremony will be conducted on February 15th and last special ceremony will be conducted on February 22, 2013, and these Presidents' Day special naturalization ceremonies will be conducted in various American states.

A special naturalization ceremony will be conducted on February 15, 2013, in Sacramento, California at California Veterans, Memorial and special ceremonies will be conducted on 19th February in Buffalo, New York at Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site and at Macalester College, John Davis Lecture Hall in St. Paul, MN. For more information on special Presidents' day naturalization ceremonies, you may visit USCIS.GOV. Similarly, a parade will take place on 18th February and an educational program will be conducted at George Washington Memorial, on the same day.

At the same time, prospective US citizens must know about the Presidents’ day and about the US presidents as there are around 18 civics test questions about the US presidents and Green Card holders who are preparing for the US citizenship test may use the USCIS resources to learn about the US presidents and to prepare for the US citizenship test.

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