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Special Naturalization Ceremonies to Commemorate America’s Independence Day

4th of July symbolizes the birthday of the United States and the Declaration of Independence was adopted on this day in 1776. Hence July 4 is celebrated as the nation’s Independence Day. Independence Day and Declaration of Independence are both very important to the United States of America. Hence, USCIS conducts special naturalization ceremonies across the world, to celebrate this special day. It is conducting naturalization ceremonies in 46 places to commemorate America’s Independence Day.

Special naturalization ceremonies are planned because this day is said to remind everyone about what it means to be a citizen of the United States. The new Americans who take the Oath of Allegiance will be celebrated on this day and the special ceremonies will remember the peculiar aspects of American citizenship. Connecting the immigrants to American independence will demonstrate that America is a land which welcomes immigrants. Immigrants are benefited in many ways by gaining US citizenship.

These new citizens who will be naturalized, will be granted the right to vote and will be allowed to hold federal jobs in America which are meant only for the US citizens. Above all, they can apply for a US passport with which they can travel hassle free around most of the world and can ask for assistance at a US consulate or embassy abroad.

Many immigrants who seek to become US citizens are at times discouraged by the difficult naturalization tests which are conducted to measure their knowledge of the English language and the history of the United States. Such immigrants who wish to prepare for the tests can use the resources offered by the USCIS for the learners and teachers. The resources for the learners are self-explanatory, where the individuals can prepare for the tests by themselves.

USCIS started to conduct special naturalization ceremonies from June 28, 2012. Special naturalization ceremonies will be conducted until the 10th of July, 2012, marking the US Independence day. Special ceremonies on July 4 will be conducted in 23 places. These naturalization ceremonies are said to be special because they involve a lot of sacrifice, commitment, hard work and patriotism.

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