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Things America is Doing Better than the Other Countries

Things America is Doing Better than the Other CountriesThere are a lot of things that the U.S. is doing better than any other country in the world. Here are few such things that the U.S. is the best at:


Diversity is something that makes the U.S. unique. In the U.S., you will be surrounded by people who are different from you. You can see people from almost all parts of the world including India, China, Korea, Europe, Australia, Africa, New Zealand and South America living here in harmony. A racially diverse group lives in the U.S. in peace. People refer to America as the Melting Pot because of its ethnic diversity. All people here are treated equally. Though the country is debating over immigration, it will continue to welcome people from all parts of the world making it the most diverse country.

National parks

America’s National Park System (NPS) protects more than 84 million acres across the country. NPS is one of America’s greatest treasures. Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming is the world’s first national park. This park comprises of volcanoes, falls, mangroves, glaciers, rapids, coral reefs and geysers. Yosemite, California; Channel Islands, California; Pinnacles, California; Grand Canyon, Arizona and Hawai’i Volcanoes, Hawaii are some of America’s best national parks. Each national park has a different vista and the 58 national parks make the country stand out from the crowd.


Americans are outgoing and friendly people. When passing by, an American will smile or say hello; it is a goodwill gesture.  “Ahoy!” “Hey!” “Hola!” “Howdy!” “Ho there!” “Yo!” “Hello!” are some terms you will hear from these friendly people.

American Citizenship

Anyone who believes in America’s ideals and who is eligible for citizenship can become a citizen of the country. But there is a lengthy application process that you need to go through if you wish to become a citizen. To become a US citizen, you must first get a green card. Citizenship ceremonies are conducted throughout the country and a large number of people become naturalized citizens of this great country every year. This is something that makes America unique.

Business Innovation

America is home to the world’s most innovative companies. Several cutting edge innovations, including the airplane, the phonograph and the drinking straw have come out of America. However, not all inventors are Americans; many came here from different parts of the world. They just found the freedom and financial resources in the U.S. to invent amazing things.

Apart from the above, there are many other things that the U.S. is doing better than the rest of the world. America is well-known for its universities like the Harvard University, University of California—Berkeley, Stanford University, Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The U.S. has the best education system and that is why top students from across the globe flock to the U.S. for higher education. Likewise, the U.S. Military is the most advanced military on earth. Other things that make the country stand out from the crowd are its culture, beauty, sports, entertainment and moving pictures, Jazz and the Blues, guitars and muscle cars.


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