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Things to Know About the US Presidential Elections

The right to vote in the US federal elections, is granted only to the citizens of the United States. Foreign nationals who become US citizens through the naturalization process are also eligible to cast their votes. If you are a US citizen, you may vote in the Presidential Election of 2012. You may not be forced to vote but as a US citizen, it is your responsibility to vote and take part in the civic life. Citizens of the United States may vote at the polls and Americans may also choose to vote by mail, few days ahead of the date of the election.

In order to vote, you will have to meet certain eligibility requirements and the American states have their own voting rules. You must be of age 18 and more, to cast your vote. Some American states allow US citizens of age 17, to vote. You need to know about the voting rules constituted by your state and the deadline for registration. People who choose to vote by mail, must know where they must send their voting forms.

You may be able to register to vote in state and local voter enrollment offices, public assistance offices and in the Department of Motor Vehicles. Americans may register by mail to vote through the National Mail Voter Registration Form. However, some American states do not accept this form and you need to check with your state election office and know how you can register in your particular state.

Similarly, the voter ID laws differ from state to state. You need to know about the documents that you must show before you could go to your polling place. You may be required to present your driver’s license, military records or your passport, and this requirement depends on the rules of the state. You may contact your state election office to learn about the documents that are needed in your state.

The US federal law allows US citizens to vote even if they are outside the country. Government employees and members of the US armed forces, who are outside the country, may also vote by making a request for an absentee ballot through the Federal Post Card Application.

You may take part in the elections by voting and you may also volunteer at a polling place. To volunteer, you need to meet few requirements related to age and you must be a registered voter. You must be a member of a political party and you must reside in the state where you seek to volunteer. You can participate in the elections and become a part of the democratic process of electing the next President of the United States and other representatives.

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