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TPS for Haiti – File Your Application for Re-registration Before November 30

TPS for the citizens of Haiti has been extended for 18 more months. In order to re-register and remain in the United States, you will have to file Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status and Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, now. You must file Form I-765, even if you do not wish to work in America.

After Haiti was destroyed by an earthquake, US Department of Homeland Security announced that the victims will become eligible for temporary protected status in America. Foreign nationals who are granted TPS will not be removed from the United States and they can work lawfully in the United States as they are also granted employment authorization documents.

Haitians who were granted TPS in January 2011, may now file applications for re-registration so that they may remain in the United States for two more years. However, TPS beneficiaries who have not been living in the United States continuously may not be able to apply for re-registration. Similarly, if you have criminal records or if you are connected to terrorist organizations, you will not be allowed to apply for re-registration.

You need to file Form I-821 and Form I-765, as soon as possible, if you look forward to extend your status in the United States. If you file an application for re-registration now, you can remain in the United States until July 22, 2014. Remember that the last date to file your application is November 30, 2012. If you fail to apply on or before November 30, you must prove that you were not able to file your petition because of genuine reasons such as Hurricane Sandy. If you still have not filed your application for TPS re-registration, file it now.

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