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Traffic Tickets and Filing for Naturalization

Traffic Tickets and Filing for Naturalization“Have you ever been arrested, cited or detained by any law enforcement officer (including USCIS or former INS and military officers) for any reason?” You will find this question in part 10 of Form N-400 and you need to check “yes” if this question applies to you and “no”, if you were never encountered by the law enforcement officers.

One of the most important requirements for naturalization is good moral character and you need to be a law-abiding person, to file Form N-400. Even if you were convicted of a minor crime and if your record was canceled, you need to mention that in your US citizenship application. It is mandatory to be honest and you need to inform the USCIS officers about arrests, even if you were not charged and about convictions, if any. Similarly, you need to provide details about the major and minor crimes that you have committed. Even a minor crime will result in the denial of your naturalization application, if you fail to inform the USCIS officers about it.

However, speeding tickets and traffic tickets may not result in the denial of your naturalization application. But remember that, you will have to provide details about your traffic tickets if you have been a habitual offender. You may not be required to inform the immigration officer about traffic fines if you were not required to pay more than $500 as fine, but you must provide documentation for traffic fines and provide detailed information if the traffic violation was related to alcohol or drugs. Traffic violations such as speeding, are not major issues and such violations will not lead to the denial of your petition. But if you were jailed or if you had paid more that $500 as fine, you will have to list that in your naturalization application. Moreover, you need not submit documentation, if you were not arrested and if the penalty for your violation was a fine less than $500.

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