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Undocumented Immigrants Work Legally in America

Undocumented Immigrants Work LegallySome undocumented immigrants in the United States have found a new way to work legally in the country without breaking the country’s laws. As they are not working illegally, they are not worried about deportation. US employers are prohibited from hiring undocumented immigrants as it is illegal to hire an unauthorized resident. But there are no laws that prohibit undocumented immigrants from starting businesses in the United States. Likewise, the federal law does not prohibit these immigrants from becoming independent contractors.

Carla Chavarria works as a graphic designer in Phoenix. She recently obtained deferred action status. However, she is ineligible for a driver’s license as Arizona considers her to be in the country illegally. Many American states are granting the deferred action recipients driver’s licenses and other benefits. But Arizona, Texas and few other states that are against the deferred action program, consider the deferred action recipients undocumented immigrants. These states therefore do not provide these residents driver’s licenses and other benefits.

Chavarria runs a busy business and she now needs to hire extra staff. She is not the only one and a recent study states that there are more than 25,000 such immigrants in Arizona who are self-employed. Many like Chavarria are forming limited liability companies in the country. Some also provide jobs to the Americans.

Though she cannot obtain a driver’s license in Arizona, she has found a way to work legally in the country without breaking the country’s immigration laws. Chavarria was a minor when she was brought to the United States from Mexico. She learned that she can start a limited liability company in the United States at a workshop hosted by immigrants rights advocates.

These immigrants who run their own businesses and independent contractors, are being paid for their projects and they set hours for themselves. It is not mandatory for the people who hire independent contractors to verify the contractor’s legal status. Though the immigrants who are out of status cannot work legally in the country, they can find ways to make a living by starting up businesses in America.

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