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US National Anthem in Spanish at the Smithsonian National Museum

Star Spangled Banner - US National AnthemIt is well known that the Smithsonian National museum features millions of artifacts and specimens. Now the authorized Spanish translation of the US national anthem has become a part of the museum’s collection. It was after the World War II, the US Department of State granted authorization to an immigrant from Peru, Clotilde Arias, to translate the national anthem of the United States, which could be sung in the original tune. It is said that this translated version of the “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Spanish, “El Pendón Estrellado” was sent to Latin American Embassies in Washington and to US Embassies in Latin America.

Besides, a new Spanish version of the US national anthem was released in 2006 but President George W. Bush announced that the national anthem must be sung in English.

It is not sure whether the US national anthem was ever sung in Spanish but the Spanish version will be sung by a full choir in the Smithsonian National Museum on Saturday, 29th, September, 2012. Along with that an exhibition featuring the life of Arias will also be opened. The National museum for American History has planned this concert in order to celebrate the new exhibit.

An immigrant from Peru, Arias, who entered the United States seeking a better future, at age 22, had written numerous ad jingles in Spanish, for many American companies including, Coca-Cola, IBM, Kraft Velveeta cheese, Ford Motor Co., etc. This Peruvian songster became a US citizen in the year 1942 and she died in 1959.

Moreover, you need not pay an admission fee to visit the Smithsonian museum and you can have a wonderful experience at the museum on the Museum Day, September 29. You will get a chance to listen to the Spanish version of the US national anthem when you visit the museum this Saturday. This exhibition, which would contain photographs, documents and journals of Clotilde Arias, will help us to understand and know about the important events that had happened in the past. Similarly, many museums across the country, offer free admission on 29th September, the Museum Day.

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