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USCIS Enhances Processing for Naturalization and Citizenship Forms

USCIS, with the intention of streamlining the processing of naturalization and citizenship forms, is making improvements to the filing system. Following a prior enhancement the form N-400, Application for Naturalization is already being filed at a Lockbox facility. To ensure “consistency in the intake process”, USCIS has announced that local offices will no longer accept certain N-forms.

As of October 30, 2011, Forms N-336, N-600, and N-600K forms will have to be filed at the Phoenix Lockbox facility. Form N-300 has to be filed at the Dallas Lockbox facility. The local offices that receive these forms will forward them to the appropriate address until December 02, 2011. After December 02, 2011, all such applications that are still filed at the local offices will be returned to the applicants.

USCIS is doing this for the benefit of the applicants and therefore expects persons seeking benefits using the four N-forms – N-300, N-336, N-600, and N-600k to follow this update that USCIS has posted on its website.

It is to be noted that persons who file the wrong form while seeking a USCIS benefit will forfeit their filing fees. Their applications will be rejected. They will have to re-apply using the correct form and pay the new fees again.

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