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Visa Security Program

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been taking a lot of efforts to prevent terrorists from traveling to America and exploiting the immigration system of the country. The Visa Security Program of the US Department of Homeland Security, prevents criminals and terrorists from entering into the country. Through this program, people who are likely to exploit the US visa process will not be able to enter into the country. Moreover, the visa Security Program(VSP) also protects America from various terrorist organizations.

This program incorporates the law enforcement processes of the DHS into the US visa process and the visa security activities under VSP, are being conducted by the ICE agents, worldwide. Through this, the ICE agents identify potential criminals and terrorists before they could reach a US port of entry. This strengthens the border security initiatives of the country.

Immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions will be screened by the ICE officers before the visas are issued. VSP, with the support of ICE, is attempting to enhance the criterion for visa security. Moreover, representatives from DHS, ICE, CBP, US Department of State along with the US intelligence community, are in the process of developing an automated visa screening process.

This process will help the DHS to identify information related to all non-immigrant visa applicants before the DHS could adjudicate the visa applications. When a foreign national files an online application for a non-immigrant visa, it will automatically go to the DOS Consular Electronic Application Center. And then it will be sent to DHS for screening against CBP, DHS and intelligence community information.

Through this automated screening process, which is being developed, DOS officers will get access to information, that may be used for interviews and this process will also enhance border security. This will also provide information that may be required by the consular officers to issue visas and it will also recommend applicants for interviews. A review process will be conducted by the CBP and ICE, in order to use the vetting methods of the CBP, to deal with the threats identified by the intelligence community. Under this process, DHS will work with DOS to improve the review process and to see to that the information provided is relevant to the US immigration law and to make sure that the information is prompt.

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