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Visiting Back Home After Filing N-400

Visiting Back Home After Filing N-400According to the US immigration laws, a Green Card holder who looks forward to apply for US citizenship, must meet a variety of eligibility requirements. Continuous residence and physical presence are two important requirements and individuals who fail to meet these requirements cannot apply for US citizenship. Similarly, you must file Form N-400 in the American state in which you have been living for the past three months. However, you may be permitted to file Form N-400 while in a foreign country, in certain circumstances. Likewise, you may also be permitted to travel abroad after filing your naturalization application and while your petition is pending.

You may travel to your home country to visit your parents or your relatives, after filing Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. But you must not stay in your home country for a long time and you need to get back to the United States to get your fingerprints taken and you must not miss your biometrics appointment. If you travel after appearing for your biometrics appointment, you will have to return to America for your naturalization interview and hearing. Prior to leaving the United States, you need to make sure that you meet the continuous residence requirement and you may cancel or postpone your trip, if you find that your trip will break your continuous residence. If your trip interrupts your continuous residence, your naturalization application will be denied and you must start the application process again after you get back to America.

Before you leave America, you may ask your friend of your relative in the United States to check your mail, while you are abroad and inform you about your biometrics appointment and about your interview. If you have registered for email updates, you may check your mail and return to the United States to attend your interview or to submit biometrics information. You need to remember that, if you live outside the United States for six months and more, your naturalization application will be denied and see to that you do not remain abroad for more than six months before obtaining US citizenship. Hence, you need to keep that in mind and return to the United Sates sooner. Though you may travel abroad after filing your naturalization application, it is wise to remain in the country until you become a naturalized US citizen.

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