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What Happens After Filing Form I-821?

What Happens After Filing Form I-821Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is nothing but the temporary immigration status that the Secretary of Homeland Security grants the citizens of certain designated foreign countries. The Secretary will designate foreign countries that have suffered and that suffer major disruptions such as civil wars or natural disasters, for TPS and citizens of such countries will be granted temporary immigration status in America. To receive temporary immigration status, citizens of designated foreign countries must file Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status, with the USCIS. It is mandatory to carefully complete the application and after completing the petition, the TPS package that includes forms, supporting documents and the filing fees must be mailed to the address listed in the TPS country page. Likewise, applicants must ensure that they have signed the petition prior to filing it.

After you file your petition for TPS, USCIS will first review your application and accept it, if your case meets the basic acceptance criteria. If your application is complete and if it accompanies the right filing fee, you will be sent a receipt notice. You can find the application receipt number at the top right corner of that notice and you can use this receipt number to check the progress of your application. If you do not receive a receipt notice, within three weeks, you can contact the USCIS for information. After accepting your petition, USCIS will contact you and require you to visit an Application Support Center (ASC) and submit biometrics information. Remember that all the TPS applicants above age 14 must submit biometrics information. Hence, you need to go to an ASC at the scheduled time and you need to take with you to the ASC, your application receipt notice, evidence of nationality and your employment authorization document (if you have one).

You will be permitted to reschedule your biometrics appointment and you need to submit your request for rescheduling your biometrics appointment as soon as you get to know that you will not be able it. After receiving your rescheduling request, the respective ASC will send you a new appointment by mail. Remember that your application for TPS will be denied, if you miss your biometrics appointment and fail to reschedule it. While filing Form I-821 for TPS, you must also file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, irrespective of your age, even if you do not wish to work in the United States. USCIS will determine your eligibility to work in the United States and grant you an employment authorization document.

The final step is adjudication and the USCIS may require additional supporting documents to establish that you are eligible for temporary immigration status in America and to decide on your case. In this case, you will be sent a request for evidence (RFE). You need to immediately respond to this request in order to avoid processing delays. After adjudicating your application, USCIS will notify you of its decision. If you are found to be eligible for this status, an employment authorization document along with an approval notice will be mailed to you by the USCIS.

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