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What is E-Verify?

What is E-verify?E-verify is an internet-based verification system that is currently being used by more than 409,000 US employers and the US employers use E-verify to confirm the eligibility of the employees they have hired, to work in America. Many people illegally cross the border and enter into the country. Most of them enter into the country illegally to work. Likewise, there are some US employes who hire undocumented workers for very less wages. In order to make sure that the US employers are hiring legal residents, they are required to confirm the employment eligibility of the workers who have been newly hired by them, by making use of E-verify.

The US Department of Homeland Security requires the US employers to use this system as it aims at putting an end to unauthorized immigration. This E-verify program was initially created in order prevent undocumented immigrants from getting jobs in America. E-verify is currently not mandatory and the US employers may or may not take part in E-verify. Nevertheless, some American states require some companies to use E-verify and E-verify is mandatory for employers with federal contracts.

However, all the US employers would be required to use E-Verify if the Senate immigration reform bill is passed and this bill would mandate E-verify. This is one of the elements of immigration reform that is being supported by most of the lawmakers and everyone wants E-verify to be a part of immigration reform. That is because, Americans and the lawmakers want to prevent undocumented immigrants from working in America. They say that the US citizens and the legal residents alone must be permitted to work in the country.

Nevertheless, E-verify problems occur and this system has wrongly rejected many workers. At times, problems occur as the US employers enter the names of the workers in a format that is different from the format that is stored in the federal databases. In most cases, the databases provide quick confirmation that the newly hired workers are authorized to work in the United States but at times, errors occur. The Senate bill would add more features to E-Verify and this system is likely to become the national identification system.

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