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What is the Deadline for Filing Form I-821D to Request Deferred Action?

Undocumented immigrants who are given chances to remain in the United States for a two-year period have a question in their minds regarding the deadline for filing their requests. Deferred action application filing process is quite complex. That is because, the applicants must provide various documents to prove that they are eligible to file Form I-821D. They will have to submit documents to prove that they had got into the country prior to their 16th birthday and must also prove that they are currently between ages 16 and 31. Most of them do not have all the documents such as their birth certificates that are needed to prove their age. That is because of their birth in a foreign country.

As most of them had entered the country illegally, it is difficult for them to provide all the documents. And some of them have the documents in their home countries. They are in the process of obtaining all those documents. As the applicants will be considered ineligible for deferred action if they leave the country, they must get those documents through some other means and that is taking a long time. Due to such reasons, eligible undocumented immigrants are worried about the deadline before which they must file their requests. But they need not worry about the deadlines as the USCIS has not announced a date before which the applications must be filed and there is no deadline to file the requests. But eligible applicants may file their requests as soon as possible.

If you are an undocumented immigrant who is in immigration detention, you may contact the ICE, sooner to avoid the chances of deportation. Though this process does not provide a permanent solution, you may file your requests for deferred action to remain in the country for a certain period of time. Based on the number of applications that the USCIS receives, the processing times may vary and the USCIS may decide on your case within six months from the date of accepting your request. Though there is no deadline, make sure that you collect all the relevant supporting documentation and file your request for deferred action, as soon as possible.

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