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What Type of Visa to Visit the USA?

What Type of Visa to Visit the USA?United States welcomes immigrants and non-immigrants and every year millions of foreigners travel to the United States. However, citizens of foreign countries who wish to visit America must obtain visas, according to the purpose of their visit and that is because all the visas do not serve the same purpose. To visit the country you will have to obtain a visitor visa and there are two types of visitor visas, B-1 and B-2 visitor visas and these are temporarily non-immigrant visas.

If you are a businessman and if you need to travel to America to consult with business associates, you may apply for and get a B-1 visitor visa. Similarly, if you seek to attend a conference or a business convention, you may travel to the country on a B-1 visa. Apart from that, you can travel to America on a B-1 visa, if you seek to settle an estate or negotiate a contract. Remember that, you cannot involve in any other activity other than these and you must not break the immigration laws of the country.

B-2 visas are tourism visas with which foreign nationals can travel to America as tourists. If you wish to spend your holiday with your family members or friends who are settled in America, you can obtain this visa. Similarly, you can also obtain this visa and travel to the United States to visit a sick relative or a friend. Foreign nationals who need to undergo medical treatment in America also may obtain B-2 visas. B-2 visitor visa holders may enroll in short recreational courses such as cooing classes. At the same time, people who enter into the county on B-2 visas must remember that they must not accept employment.

These visitor visas may not permit you to work in America but you can participate in social events and you can take part in events hosted by service or social organizations and in sports or musical events. If you need to travel to America for some other purpose other than for tourism or business, you must apply for a visa in the right category as visitor visas may not permit you to work or study in America. Similarly, these visitor visas may not permit you to settle in the country and you will have to obtain an immigrant visa to travel to America as a permanent resident and to live there for the rest of your life.

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