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Why Do Chinese Immigrate to America?

While most Americans are not happy with the quality of education in America, Chinese say that they immigrate to America to find better schools for their children. According to Chinese International Migration’s report, citizens of China immigrate to the United States, in more numbers and around 90,000 Chinese, had received their Green Cards, in 2011. Citizens of China say that they are attracted towards the United States, because of its education system. Around 150,000 citizens of China, are living as permanent residents in various foreign countries.

Pollution, education, political reform, infrastructure improvements, are few reasons for immigration. However, 80 percent of immigrants, state that they immigrate to America in search of better schools for their children. Americans are not satisfied with the education system and Pearson and the Economist Intelligence Unit, said that America ranked 17th in international tests and that the American students were behind the students of Hong Kong and South Korea, in 2011. At the same time, Chinese students in Shanghai, ranked first in international tests, in 2011.

Reports state that it is more difficult to get into universities like Peking University and Tsinghua University, in China, than to get into the Havard University in the United States. Nevertheless, most Beijing students wish to study in foreign countries. Similarly, many affluent Chinese, look forward to send their children to colleges and schools, in the United States and they feel that the schools in America are not strict and that the institutions in America are more flexible. They also say that the lower education system of China, is only a test center and that it does not educate the children.

Mark Kitto, a resident of China, recently moved to the United States and said that he immigrated to America as he always wanted to give his children better education. Though the Chinese immigrate to other countries, many foreign nationals move to China, as they are attracted towards towards China’s culture and language.

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