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Why Does America Need an Immigration Reform Plan?

America Needs an Immigration Reform PlanImmigration reform is now the hot topic and America is in need of immigration reform. Meaningful changes to the immigration system of the United States would benefit the country’s undocumented immigrants, economy and the Americans.

Border security is important for many, especially the Republicans. Likewise, the path to US citizenship, is important for several others, including the Democrats and the country’s unauthorized residents. Many believe that immigration reform would only benefit the ones who broke the country’s immigration laws and who are living there illegally. However, the country’s economy would be benefited if immigration reform is passed.

The broken immigration system of America divides families and separates children from parents and vice versa. In order to reunite with their family members, many choose to illegally cross the border to get into America, as they need to wait for several years to enter into the country legally.

The Senate immigration reform bill, that has made its way through the US Senate, would address this issue. It would put an end to illegal immigration by permitting the undocumented immigrants to enter the legalization process and remain with their loved ones. This bill would keep families together.

Immigrants would contribute to Social Security and Medicaid. Undocumented immigrants would contribute as much as $600 billion to more than $4.6 trillion, into the Social Security trust fund, over the next 75 years, if they are granted legal status. They would also help fix the statistics problem of the retirees. The Congressional Budget Office says that the Senate immigration reform bill would increase the GDP by 3.3 percent by 2023.

Many have a notion that the immigrants take away the jobs of the Americans. But that is not true and the immigrants do not steal jobs. They actually make the native Americans wealthier. Immigrants have made significant contributions to the country and failure to pass immigration reform would be bad for the country’s economy. Immigrants would boost the housing market and they would start businesses and create jobs in the country.

The Senate controlled by the Democrats has approved the comprehensive immigration reform bill and now the Republicans need to debate on that bill and pass it. It is mandatory to debate on all the parts of the bill and strengthen it. But the bill must not be killed.

This bill would address the problems of not only the country’s undocumented immigrants but also the Americans. It would significantly cut down the federal deficit. It would solve the issue of illegal immigration and prevent people from illegally getting into the country. Hence, immigration reform will be good for America’s economy and security.

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