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Why Does the United States Need a Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

The United States needs a comprehensive immigration reform and the Americans and the immigrants also want the president to reform the US immigration laws. Reports state that most people in America want an immigration law that would allow the undocumented immigrants to obtain US citizenship. Similarly, President Obama has plans to implement new laws that would grant US citizenship to eligible undocumented immigrants in the country. The Republicans who were against the immigration reform have now changed their views and have started to push for an immigration reform.

The country will be greatly benefited if the 11 million undocumented immigrants are legalized as this would boost the economy of the country. If the undocumented immigrants are legalized, they will become eligible to work lawfully in the country and that in turn would increase their purchasing power which would result in the growth of the US economy. Similarly, the tax revenues will increase and around 200,000 new jobs will be created and that will benefit all the American states.

Reports state that the anti-immigration laws implemented by few American states may damage the economies of the states. The country already lacks high-skilled workers and preventing the undocumented immigrants from obtaining employment opportunities will worsen the situation. Most of the agricultural and construction workers are undocumented immigrants. By legalizing the undocumented immigrants, US employers will be able to hire skilled workers. Similarly, if the undocumented immigrants are legalized and if they are allowed to obtain US citizenship, they will get access to health care.

Moreover, many immigrants are found to be successful entrepreneurs. If the undocumented immigrants are granted legal status, they are likely to start innovative businesses that would create jobs and add to the economy of America. Most of the immigrant families are being separated due to their immigration status. Legalizing the undocumented immigrants will prevent the separation of the families. Reports state that many US born children are in foster care and are separated from their undocumented parents. Such undocumented parents are either detained or deported and they are unable to live with their children. If the country does not legalize the undocumented immigrants and if they are deported, most of the US born children will be in foster care and will be separated from their parents.

Likewise, if the DREAM Act is passed and if the undocumented immigrants are allowed to obtain US citizenship, the economy of the country will be strengthened. That is because the DREAMers will be able to pursue higher education and will be able to earn more and this would definitely have an impact on the country’s economy. However, legalizing the undocumented immigrants will greatly benefit the country. 

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