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Will the DREAM 9 Activists Receive Asylum?

Will the DREAM 9 Activists Receive Asylum

A group of young immigrants, DREAM 9, were released from the immigration detention center in Arizona. These nine activists, in the last month protested the unfair US immigration and deportation policy. They were held when they tried to cross the border and re-enter the United States. This group was arrested on 22nd July when they tried to create awareness for those who were deported so far, under the Obama administration.

They were released on 7th August and were permitted to return to their homes, according to Los Angeles Times. They were held at the Eloy Detention Center on 22nd July. They were then transported to Tucson and were released from there. Dream 9 comes from the DREAM Act. DREAM Act is a legislation that would put the undocumented youth on a path to US citizenship.

These activists who were brought up in America, believe that the US government’s deportation policy is unfair to the undocumented immigrants who have settled in the United States. According to them, undocumented immigrants have already become a part of the United States.

USCIS asylum officers stated the DREAM 9 activists, who are natives of Mexico, will not be immediately removed from America as they have credible fear of persecution in their home country. However, an immigration judge will decide whether to grant these activists asylum in America or not. But that will not happen immediately and this group must wait for years. Experts say that winning asylum may not be easy as most of the asylum requests made by Mexican nationals are denied.

Maria Peniche, one of the activists who was released, told that she was happy to re-enter America. Until the asylum requests of these activists are reviewed, they can remain in America. They can get employment authorization documents and work in America. Matthew Kolken, an immigration attorney, spoke in favor of these activists, though he is not representing them.

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