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Will the Immigration Reform Bill Get 60 Votes?

Will the Immigration Reform Bill Get 60 Votes?According to the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill, will easily pass. He stated that he can get votes from all the Democratic members and votes from eight Republican members. At least 52 Democrats and 8 Republicans, according to him would vote in favor of the bill and hence, the bill would easily get 60 votes and pass the Senate.

Four Republicans who belong to the Gang of Eight, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Lindsey Graham, will support the bill and the bill just needs to get votes from four more Republicans in the Senate. Republican Sen. Rand Paul, said that he would support the bill but only if few amendments that he wants are added to the bill. Reid stated that the bill that would open a path to US citizenship, must get 60 votes to pass the Senate. He also stated that the bill has not convinced all the members.

The members of the Gang of Eight who crafted the immigration reform bill, in April, stated that the bill would easily get 60 votes. They want the people to get involved and tell their Senators that they want them to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Nevertheless, the bill of the Gang of Eight would survive, though there are few who are looking forward to kill the legislation. However, oppositions may not be as powerful as the oppositions were in 2007 and the immigration reform bill that was introduced in 2007 was killed by the opponents and other anti-amnesty groups.

The Senate bill, that the Judiciary Committee has passed will be introduced to the full Senate on or after 10th June. The bill is likely to get 60 votes and pass the Senate. Nevertheless, there are a few anti-amnesty groups that are trying to weaken the bill and finally kill it. Members of the House are against immigration reform and they say that America must not grant amnesty and permit all the lawbreakers to settle in the country. Rep. Mo Brooks, stated that the country cant afford to grant amnesty to all the foreign nationals who illegally cross the border and he stated that this would cost the country billions of dollars.

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