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Will the US Government Shutdown Affect You?

Will the US Government Shutdown Affect YouThe US government shutdown will affect the Americans and every one who uses services funded by the government of America. Federal workers have been furloughed and this shutdown will affect you, even if you are not a federal worker.

More than 800,000 federal employees will not be working as the government departments do not have funds to pay them. Only the workers who are considered “essential” will continue to work during the shutdown.

You will not receive certain government benefits. Government agencies are likely to stop distributing funds to programs that help families that are in need of funds. Agencies that have enough funds are likely to fund the programs until they run out of funds. Veterans may not be immediately granted rehabilitation or education benefits and they are likely to face delays.

The US Department of Education will process Pell Grants and Federal District Loans but there could be a delay in processing grants and loans. This agency has furloughed several workers but it has announced that the workers associated with major loan programs will continue to work.

USCIS, the immigration agency will operate during the US government shutdown and the agency will continue to conduct interviews. However, E-Verify will not be available during the shutdown.

The US Department of State will operate during the shutdown. But this government shutdown will affect the visa applicants. US citizens may not be able to get US passports. Likewise, foreigners who seek to travel to America are likely to face delays in visa processing.

The Small Business Administration will not approve new loan applications not will it process applications during the shutdown. This will affect the entrepreneurs and the small business owners in the country.

National parks will remain closed. 401 parks and other public spaces have been closed. This will not only affect the vacationers but also the people who run businesses.

90 percent of the workers have been furloughed by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and so you will not be able to ask the IRS for help with your taxes and the agency will not conduct audits.

However, employees who work for agencies that are necessary to protect life, will continue to work. There are certain other agencies that have been deemed essential and that must remain open during the shutdown. Postal Service, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, law enforcement, Homeland Security, Coast Guard, US military, US embassies and consulates abroad, emergency medical care, border patrol, and emergency and disaster assistance, will not be impacted by the shutdown.


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