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World’s Happiest Countries

The world is full of happiness and you will be the happiest, if you are living in Switzerland, the happiest place to live in the world!

World Happiness Report has ranked the happiest nations of the world considering certain factors such as real GDP per capita, health and life expectancy, social support and freedom.

Switzerland as the happiest place to live is followed by Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Canada. America is not on the list of top ten happiest countries; it ranks 15th.

Following are the top ten happiest countries in the world.



There are many reasons for Switzerland to be the happiest country in the world. People living in Switzerland live longer and the average life expectancy is 82.8 years. Most Swiss are multilingual and they understand German, French, Italian and English. They work for around 35.2 hours a week as against 38 hours a week in countries like Spain, Greece and Turkey.

Switzerland has glorious landscapes and lakes. The healthcare and education systems are world class. When we think of Switzerland, what pops up in our mind are Swiss cheese and chocolate, two things that the country is popular for.


Iceland levies a relatively low income tax. Health care and post-secondary education are free to all citizens of Iceland. The Global Peace Index has ranked Iceland as the most peaceful nation on earth. World Happiness Report says that the nature and culture together make Iceland a truly happy place for people to live. Icelanders are generous and have the highest standards of living.


Denmark is the third happiest country. One of the top priorities for Denmark is gender equality. Danish people work for 37 hours per week and employees get a 5 week holiday every year. This makes the people living there happy!

All have free access to hospitals and surgery in Denmark. The same applies to universities and schools. The report shows that the government of Denmark spends more on their children and seniors than other countries. The crime rate is low in Denmark when compared to the other countries. Most of all, bicycles are something that make the Danes happy.


Oil and gas make Norway one of the richest countries. Norway has a low crime and murder rate, which contributes to the happiness of its people. The sun never sets in some parts of Norway during summer. Many love to visit the country to view this incredible sight – 24 hours of visible sun. The country also has thousands of beautiful lakes. More than 90 percent of those surveyed are happy about their standards of living.



High life expectancy and income are two main things that made the World Happiness Report give a top rank to Canada. Personal freedom is something that makes Canada great. Canada is also one of the safest countries. Canadians are content with their lives and so they are happy.


The eighth largest European country, Finland is the sixth happiest nation. Finland is on the list of happiest countries because of its highest quality of life. Entrepreneurship, opportunity, safety and security contribute to its high ranking. The country also has low levels of corruption. Literacy rates and life expectancy are incredibly high in Finland. Finland also ranks as one the most peaceful countries in the world on the Global Peace Index.


Like Canadians, people of Netherlands are self-satisfied people. They work shorter hours and spend more time exercising. Experts say that exercise is the key to happiness. For the Dutch, education is more important and the country’s literacy rate is 99 percent. There is a strong social network between the people of the country and they help each other a lot. The health care system of Netherlands is the best when compared to the other European countries.


Sweden has a lot of public green areas and is well-known for its natural beauty. Swedish people trust their government. Sweden is one of the least corrupted countries. The country offers a lot of business opportunities and is one of the best places in the world to start a business. Swedes do not work for long hours but believe that hard work will pay off.

New Zealand

New Zealand has received strong ratings for health and safety.  The beauty of their environment satisfies most New Zealanders. More than 90 percent of the respondents have stated that they were in good health. This made the country score the highest in health. People living there believe that their fellow New Zealanders are trustworthy and they help each other. New Zealanders are happy about education, jobs, personal security and even the quality of water.



Australia ranks first in civic engagement. The country has also received high scores for education, health, employment and personal freedom. Australia’s world class education system attracts a lot of foreigners. Many in Australia develop working skills before they complete their degrees. The country has a productive work force.

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