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Would You Pass the US Citizenship Test?

Would You Pass the US Citizenship Test?US citizenship test will be administered by the USCIS officers during the naturalization interview and all the naturalization applicants will have to take this test. America wants the people who seek to become US citizens to know well about the country and to be fluent in English and in order to make sure that the prospective citizens know enough about the country and to determine that they are good in English, the US citizenship test is being administered.

You will have to get through both the components of the US citizenship test, the English and the civics tests and the civics test is all about the history and laws of the country and the English test will help the officers to make sure that you are good in English. Civics questions asked during the interview will be taken from the list of 100 civics questions and you can get that list ahead of the interview and go through those questions while you prepare for the interview and this test will help you to learn something about the county. Similarly, the civics test will be an oral test and you will not given multiple choices. You must learn all the 100 questions and you need to answer 6 questions correctly and you will be asked ten questions.

The English test may not be difficult for those who are good in English but foreign nationals who are not good in English will have to prepare for the English test too. Your ability to communicate well in English will be ascertained by the way you respond to the immigration officer throughout the interview and you will be required to read out one sentence and write one sentence in English correctly. However, it is mandatory to prepare for the US citizenship test and the following are few sample civics questions taken from the list of 100 civics questions.

There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe one of them.

Citizens eighteen (18) and older can vote

Name one problem that led to the Civil War.


How many justices are on the Supreme Court?

nine (9)

Name one state that borders Canada.


Who is the “Father of Our Country”?

George Washington

What does the President’s Cabinet do?

advises the President

Who is the Commander in Chief of the military?

the President

There were 13 original states. Name three.

Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina

When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

July 4, 1776

What was one important thing that Abraham Lincoln did?

saved (or preserved) the Union

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