File I-130 from Abroad

Yes, you can file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, for the family member who you wish to sponsor, while in a foreign country. You can file Form I-130, at the nearest consulate or embassy and you need not return to the United States to file this immigrant petition.

Instead of returning to the United States and filing this form, you can file the form while abroad. This applies to the petitioners who are residing in countries with USCIS offices and the sponsors who are residing in countries where there are no USCIS offices, must file their petitions with the USCIS lockbox facility in Dallas.

USCIS does not want the applicants to incur additional charges and so it tries to reduce rejections and it requires the applicants to follow the form instructions and carefully complete and file their petitions. Hence, the applicants will have to make sure that their applications are not missing information.

They also need to ensure that the relationship between them and the beneficiaries, is indicated in Part A. Personal information about the petitioner must be provided and the name of the sponsor, address, place of birth, and marital status, must be entered in Part B. Likewise, in Part B, the name, address, marital status and the country of birth of the beneficiary must be provided.

USCIS will never accept unsigned applications and the petitioners must not forget to affix their signatures in Part E of Form I-130. Petitioners must submit the required photographs and pay the right form filing fee of $535 and these petitioners may not be required to pay an additional fee. Moreover, there may not be any difference in the processing times and the processing times for the overseas petitioners will be similar to that of the domestic petitioners at present USCIS takes between 5 and 37 months to process Form I-130 petition.