Form I-751 for removing conditions on Green Card, Explained

Foreign nationals who get married to U.S. citizens and Green Card holders will initially be granted a two-year conditional Green Card. This conditional Green Card cannot be renewed however if it is lost within the 2-year period it can be replaced.

The conditional Green Cardholder may not be able to remain in America after the card expires and may be deported from the country. To avoid deportation, the conditional Green Cardholder must fileĀ Form I-751, to remove conditions on the Green Card, 90 days before the conditional status expires.

Filing Form I-751 to Remove Conditions on Your Green Card

If you hold a conditional Green Card, you will have to file the USCIS Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, to remove conditions and to get a new 10-year Green Card. You don’t have to file this application too early as petitions filed too early may not be considered for further processing.

Remember the date of expiration of your conditional Green Card and file a petition to remove conditions, 90 days ahead of the date of expiration of your card. Similarly, you may not be able to file this form by yourself and the USCIS will accept your petition only if you file it along with your U.S citizen or your permanent resident spouse.

Who can file Form I-751?

People with conditional Green Card obtained through marriage can file Form I-751. It may be filed online and you may also choose to complete and file the paper version of this form.

You can prepare this form online through our online service which can give you peace of mind. You can follow the step-by-step instructions and complete your application online using our service and send the received physical package to USCIS after following all the recommendations.

If your children were also granted conditional status, while you received your conditional Green Card, you may include their names in your application. But remember that you will have to file separate applications for your children if they were granted conditional status after you.

You can file this form online, even if you are currently not living with your spouse. If your spouse died or if your marriage was terminated, you may not be required to file this form jointly with your spouse.

Similarly, if you are still married to a U.S citizen or the permanent resident spouse and if you have been abused by your spouse, you may be allowed to file this form by yourself, if you prove that your removal from the United

States will result in extreme hardship. In such cases, you will have to submit a few supporting documents such as a divorce certificate, medical certificate, or death certificate, along with your petition to remove conditions.

You may also file Form I-751, while outside the United States. But you need to appear for an interview with an immigration officer, along with your U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse, in the United States.

If your situation is complex it is better to get a consultation with a lawyer before proceeding with the application.

After filing Form I-751

Your petition will be accepted only if it is complete and you will be allowed to remain in America until the USCIS adjudicates your petition. Your new 10-year Green Card will be mailed to your mailing address if the USCIS approves your petition and finds that you are eligible for lawful status in America.

You will also receive a letter from the USCIS, with reasons for the denial of your application, if your application is not approved.