Form I-751 Interview Tips

After filing Form I-751, Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence, you and your spouse will have to appear for the Green Card interview at a USCIS office, and being a conditional resident you will be issued a 10-year Green Card only if you get through that interview. This interview is at times nerve-racking but you can get through this interview easily if you are well prepared. Remember that, your petition will not be considered if you fail to present the required information during your interview.

Collect the Required Documentation

As soon as you file Form I-751, you must start collecting a few supporting documents to prove that your marriage is bonafide as the aim of this interview is to make sure that your marriage is not fraudulent. Your immigration papers, photographs of your wedding, and joint bank accounts will help you to prove that your marriage is not a business transaction. See to it that you collect all the documents that you think are relevant.

Prepare in advance for the Interview

You just need to remember what you have mentioned on your application and need not memorize anything. Few questions to determine that your relationship is genuine will be asked and you just need to remember the history of your relationship, to answer those questions.

Be on time for your Form I-751 interview

Make sure that you reach the interview venue at least half an hour ahead of the scheduled time and never be late.

Dress formally

Your dress will definitely make an impact on the immigration officer and it is mandatory to dress formally as if you are going to the church or for a job interview.

Do not be talkative

You need to keep your answers short and you need to provide additional information only if the immigration officer requires more information. Moreover, you need to listen carefully before answering and remain silent until the immigration officer asks the next question.

If you are not sure about a question, request the immigration officer to repeat the question and if you do not know the answer, say “I do not know” and do not guess the answer.

Be yourself

Make yourself comfortable and be what you are. Similarly, relax and be calm. If the immigration officer finds through your behavior, that an intimate relationship does not exist between you and your spouse, he will consider that your marriage is not legitimate.

After the interview, if the immigration officer suspects that your marriage is illegitimate, you and your spouse will be interviewed individually. In such circumstances, both, you and your spouse will be asked a few questions.

Finally, the immigration officer will decide on your case after comparing the answers. Hence, you and your spouse must know well about each other, in order to get through the interview.

If you have any questions regarding your status you can connect with an immigration lawyer to get some answers.